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Forensics and Expert Opinion


Legal challenges come in many forms. When these challenges need to be resolved through litigation, you require effective support that will protect your interests.

We provide a range of investigation services for contractual and commercial disputes, forensic investigations and valuations.

We offer experts with skills in a variety of areas and experience in all types of dispute, globally.

We regularly advise clients on:

  • commercial and contractual disputes involving business or share valuations;
  • expert witness and quantification of loss;
  • forensic investigations, particularly in relation to fraud claims and asset tracing;
As sworn and court-certified experts we offer high quality support and "out of the box" solutions for court and out-of-court disputes.

The basic understanding of contractual parties when closing a contract is very often not permanent. Divergences of opinions could only be settled in court decisions ,arbitrations or out-of-court settlements.  For our clients and their legal advisors we provide tailored investigations and expert opinions for civil and criminal courts to determine and document the damage or violation of obligations.

Our service include expert opinion on business appraisals, audit opinions, insolvency, reorganisation.