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Audit & Assurance

Risk based and sustainable

We recognize the economic importance of your audited internal control systems and the need for professional fulfillment of your regulatory requirements. However, we go way beyond a simple compliance service. We hep you all year round to provide you with sustainable support in the development of your business and the achievement of your business goals.
The key to a valuable compliance service is the strength of the relationship between the customer and our team. In this way, our work can be planned thoroughly and precisely and tailored to your specific needs. We apply our risk-based audit approach consistently and efficiently so that you can be sure that the audit quality is kept at the highest level.

The aim of our risk-oriented audit approach is to develop an audit plan based on a deep understanding of your organization that takes into account the essential corporate risks identified together with the management and thus allows the essential business areas to be given the necessary attention within a reasonable time frame. Less important organizational areas can be assigned a smaller examination scope in order to make optimal use of the available examination time.

We provide assurance on the compliance of financial or non-financial information with a pre-defined framework. The respective international standards apply when clients request assurance on single financial statement captions rather than a full set of financial statements, or on the compliance of non-financial information with a respective framework, such as audits of corporate governance reports.

For a cost effective solution for clients requiring a lesser level of assurance, we offer review engagements giving “moderate assurance” as a common basis for quarterly and other interim reporting. We also tailor agreed-upon procedures as laid out in national and international standards to meet client requirements of specific nature.
Due to our many years of international experience from a wide variety of industries and cultures, we can not only identify significant risks, but also areas with potential for improvement and make specific suggestions for optimizing essential workflows in your organization.
We pursue a practice-oriented audit approach that is under the responsibility and supervision of the responsible partner ("partner-led"). Ongoing communication with you throughout the year is an essential part of the service we offer. The auditor responsible for coordination is available to answer your questions at any time. This gives you the opportunity to find out about the status of the audit or other assurance services and we will provide you with ongoing feedback.