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Be Social

We as Moore Interaudit in Austria do our best to be a driving force for positive social impact. Corporate social responsibility is important to us as we are comittet to create a positive impact on our employees, our company, our clients and suppliers, our Moore family, our communities and our planet. 
We have the highest standards for equal and divers working conditions for our employees creating job opportunities to all sectors of the community and offer a diverse workforce, gender equality and a positive work live balance. We do have equal opportunities for payment, training and developing staff due to our managed HR process and our buddy system. With this apporach we develop more inspired employees and improve diversity.

We interact with social ambition with our local communities on different levels -  as customers, neighbours, potential employees, suppliers and residents. We volunteer time to local charities and organisation supporting children, students and people in need for proper education. We support our local communities to offer a proper education to everyone and get invoved in training courses for students.  We support the wider community with our time and knowledge by carrying out pro bono work for charities.

We care about our environment and our planet. We use only green electricity in our office and for our company cars. We work paper free and have a a professional recycling program including waste sorting. We offer free public transport opportunities to all our employees ("Kilmaticket").

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