We perform audits in accordance with national and international audit standards. We audit single or group financial statements of your organisation – no matter if company, fund, private foundation or association - in accordance with national and international auditing standards, such as Austrian Unternehmensgesetzbuch „UGB“, Privatstiftungsgesetz „PSG“, Vereinsgesetz „VereinsG“) and International Standards of Auditing “ISA”, and accounting standards such as (UGB, IFRS, US GAAP, Luxemburger GAAP, Hong Kong GAAP, China GAAP). Our work includes group audits, reporting as component auditors, and working on a multitude of stand-alone engagements.

Our audit partners build on years of experience working for industrial and financial service clients, private foundations and associations in Austria and abroad, particularly in China and Luxembourg. This strong international background and experience is invaluable and of utmost importance as trusted auditors to successful groups of companies with worldwide presence.

Risk-based audit approach

We use a risk-based approach to help understand our clients’ operations, their environment, and their industries. Our audit team identifies the areas where the risk of material misstatements in your financial statements is the highest. Through discussions with management and our past experience, we identify risk areas, determine the audit strategy, and tailor our audit approach to the specific engagement.

Create opportunities

Listening to our clients is one of our core values and we ensure that all our clients’ needs and concerns are addressed not just throughout the audit process, but also during interim stages.

We report risks and significant issues affecting our clients’ businesses on a regular and timely basis, and ensure that our communication with our clients is direct and easy to understand, which is key to our “no-surprises” approach. We are open to think outside the box and consider all alternative solutions to an issue. We aim to provide a service beyond the audit opinion at a competitive price, which we achieve through the forward thinking and modern approach employed our audit teams. We want to work with our clients as a team rather than stand on the sidelines as a judge, without jeopardizing our independence and objectivity.

Year-round relationship

A partner led approach is key to our philosophy, and has nurtured a dedicated team of bright, inquisitive and pragmatic people, who can be approached year-round and informally through a direct phone line or a quick e-mail, without our clients having to watch the clock. We work closely with our clients all year round as a trusted advisor and business partner.