Audit & Assurance

We consider the "human factor" as key for a successful client service.

Selecting the best team is the most important decision to take and shows our appreciation and dedication to client care. We are ready to deliver the right people and efficient processes to meet your requirements - and ensure a mutually respectful and long-term relationship.

We hand-pick our teams of dedicated experts for each client assignment based on the right experience and industry knowledge to help ensure a high level of service delivery and client satisfaction. Our core teams have worked together on a number of important client assignments and know how each other 'ticks'. We can bring the benefit of this close teamwork to all our collaboration with our clients.

Continuity benefits client relationships. It fosters effective collaboration and a close understanding of client business. We aim to maintain the same teams wherever possible to make our clients feel most welcome with any request they may have.

A large pool of experts from national and international Moore member firms with significant sectoral and regional expertise is readily available to join and complement our core team to best suit our clients requirements and needs.