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International Financial Reporting


Does your consolidation team need more information about your subsidiaries in Asia and America and the compliance of the group's valuation method with the Austrian legislation (Unternehmensgesetzbuch, UGB)? Have you wondered whether after all, some of your companies should be consolidated according to IFRS 10? 

Do you really have the time to think about whether your worldwide subsidiaries report in accordance to the IFRS 9 criteria - besides managing your core business? Do you have employees just for making sure that the countless notes of your consolidated financial statement stand up to scrutiny by the Austrian Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel?

If you'd rather concentrate on your clients and your core business processes, than deploy your human ressources in the operative area, and source out your group accounting to us. 

We talk UGB, dHGB, IFRS, US GAAP, PRC and HK GAAP. We help you with setting up or converting your consolidated accounts to the UGB reporting or other international accounting standards such as IFRS or US GAAP. 

We support you when setting up and editing your worldwide budgets, your cash flow calculations, and your key figures as a base for owner's decision-making, so that the precious time of the managers can be deployed for strategic development and that you can make your management decisions on base of our analyses - reliably and timely.