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In your conversation with our HR partner at MOORE Interaudit in Salzburg, you will get an overview of your area of responsibility. You can form your own opiniton about your future daily work with us. We ask open-ended questions to see how you approach problem solving. There is no such thing as "right" or "wrong". Your solution is important to us. Tell us about your experiences in teams and experiences "out of the box".


Christina's experience

Assistant Manager Audit
Christina has been part of the audit team at Moore Interaudit in Salzburg for 5 years. Before that, while studying law, she worked at a savings bank as an assistant to the area manager.

Above all, she would like to emphasize the incredibly nice team and the good cooperation, which she has been completely involved since day one, so that she was immediately in the middle of the action. However, this does not mean that she has been thrown into the deep end, but rather that the team is very helpful and problems are tackled and solved together. She has learned a lot professionally in the last few months and years. This is also the exciting thing about this job - there is always something new to develop further. Christina likes to be out and to get to know new people, which is why she always looks forward to exams on site.
Since the team gets on very well with each other, they are often out in the evening or plan weekend activities, such as a day of skiing. Even if everyone works hard during the week, there is definitely no shortage of fun. Christina also thinks the audit trainings are great on an international level. There you have the opportunity to get to know like-minded young people from all over the world and to exchange experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

An absolute highlight for her was the trip to Uganda as part of a major corporate audit. Here she and her colleagues took the chance and spent two more days in Queen Elizabeth National Park. She will never forget the safari and especially the elephants and gorillas in the wild.