In addition to “classic” financial statement audits, we offer a range of audit-related services, such as other attestation engagements, limited reviews, and agreed-upon procedures.

Other attestation engagements 
We provide assurance on the compliance of financial or non-financial information with a pre-defined framework. The respective international standards apply when clients request assurance on single financial statement captions rather than a full set of financial statements, or on the compliance of non-financial information with a respective framework, such as audits of corporate governance reports.

Limited review
There is a cost effective solution for clients requiring a lesser level of assurance. Mainly based on analytical procedures and with significantly less work required compared to full scope audits, review engagements giving “moderate assurance” are common for quarterly and other interim reporting.

Agreed-upon procedures 
As laid out in national and international standards, agreed-upon procedures are pre-defined and tailor made to meet client requirements of specific nature.