Accounting Systems & Software

Would you like to have an accounting system that is linked across the group and have live, 24/7 access to your data on your tablet or laptop? 

Would you rather deploy your cost-intensive IT and personnel ressources for your operative core business instead of continuously financing updates for accounting programs and trainings so that you are always compliant with the ever-changing national tax and labour laws?

Depending on the extent of own resources that you want to involve, we offer a multiplicity of service levels: from mere platform provider or trouble shooter with direct access up to taking over the overall responsibility for your worldwide financial and administrative processes. 

As platform provider, we offer our bookkepping solution worldwide, in different languages on our servers. You can do the accounting self dependently on our platform and save high acquisistion and maintenance costs for internal IT licences. 

Of course, we are available as trouble shooters if you need to get your accounting checked. We can use remote access on your or our servers to check it regularly or on short term. 

If you want to reduce further personnel costs, you can source out your whole worldwide accounting processes. 

Your personal electronic access is your paperless gate to financial information, tailormade periodical analyses and annual reports, always able to drill-down to the documents and contracts. Your live access helps to control your company based on up-to-date financial data.